Wrightsoft System Design

This course is taught by an industry expert with years of actual real-world
experience doing this work professionally for contractors, builders, homeowners,
and the N.C. State licensing board, where he is often called on to perform load
calculations and provide “expert witness” testimony. This course introduces the
process and procedures of using Wrightsoft load calculation software for proper
residential heating and cooling system design, following the industry standards of
ACCA Manual J, S, and D. Students will learn many practical tips on how to
accurately survey a house, identify potential problem areas, and evaluate system
design considerations, as well as how to set up and input data accurately into
Wrightsoft to ensure that an accurate load calculation result, with correct system
sizing, is achieved. Topics include heating and cooling load calculation protocols,
proper equipment selection and sizing, duct system design and sizing, as well as
overall system design considerations using Wrightsoft load calculation software.
Participants should be able to design a basic residential heating and cooling
system upon completion of this course.
This is a hands-on course where we will perform real-world examples of both
“block load” and “room by room” load calculations, as well as basic duct sizing
and design, using Wrightsoft load calculation software.
Requirements: Students will need to bring a laptop (with a mouse) and the Wrightsoft software
already downloaded on their computer for this course (free demo version is acceptable).


Apr 17 - 18 2024


8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Charlotte DSO
8810-B Airpark West Dr Charlotte NC 28214


Bill Timberlake
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